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A Look Into The Elevated Wealth Management Process

A Look Into The Elevated Wealth Management Process

At Elevated Wealth Management Group, we believe in a comprehensive and personalized approach to financial planning. Our process is designed to understand our clients on a deep level, create tailored strategies, and provide ongoing support to help them in their trek towards a confident financial future.

  • Step One: Discovery Meeting

    During the Discovery Meeting, our primary goal is to get to know our clients on a profound level. We gather information about their financial situation, aspirations, and concerns. By understanding their unique circumstances and values, we can make more appropriate and aligned recommendations.

  • Step Two: Proposal Meeting

    In the Proposal Meeting, we reiterate what is most important to our clients and identify their largest obstacles. We then present a comprehensive plan that outlines how we will help them meet their goals and overcome these obstacles. We clearly define the current state, desired future state, and the strategies we will implement to bridge the gap.

  • Step Three: Mutual Commitment Meeting

    At the Mutual Commitment Meeting, we review the plan once more, address any remaining questions, and ensure that our clients have a clear understanding of the proposed strategies. We then proceed to sign the necessary documents, solidifying our commitment to implementing the plan and initiating our ongoing relationship and services.

  • Step Four: 45-Day Review

    We understand that with any change, there can be anxious moments. At our 45-day review, we walk you through a variety of follow-up topics, such as how to read your statement, assisting with your client portal and plan login, and reiterating why and how we have implemented your specific financial plan.

Catered Communication

Catered Communication

At Elevated Wealth Management Group, we understand the importance of effective and timely communication. We proactively send pertinent information to our clients and provide opportunities to hear from us on important topics. We also organize regular events or webinars on various topics such as estate planning, Medicare, tax and regulatory updates, and economic outlook. These events are designed to provide informative information and foster a strong client-advisor relationship.

Strategy<br/> Meetings


We conduct at least an annual meeting with our clients to review their financial progress. During these meetings, we cover a range of topics, including financial planning, performance, actions taken in the portfolio, market and economic outlook, beneficiary review, plan updates, income sustainability review, and most importantly, goal and life updates. This comprehensive review ensures that our clients stay informed and empowered to make educated decisions that will help them on their journey to financial success.

Our Elevated Planning Process

Our Elevated Planning Process

Our Elevated Planning Process involves a combination of data and quantitative gathering, as well as in-person qualitative discussions. We delve deeper into our clients' financial circumstances, goals, and aspirations. This process allows us to create a customized plan that reflects their unique needs and priorities. We also emphasize ongoing monitoring and updating of the plan to ensure it remains aligned with their evolving circumstances.

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Our process is centered around building a long-term partnership with our clients. We are dedicated to their financial success and well-being, providing ongoing support and guidance as they navigate their financial journey. Contact us today to learn more about how our process can help you achieve your financial goals.